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March 9, 2022

2022 Auto Trends

It’s no secret that cars are hard to come by these days. The automotive industry is still reeling from shortages and supply chain issues two years after the start of the pandemic. Take a look at a handful of predictions for what you can expect from the car market this year.


Online Ordering

With a lack of inventory, car dealerships find it easier for customers to order online instead of choosing a car from a half-empty lot. As a result, pre-ordering will be a popular option for those looking to buy a new or used vehicle.


When shoppers complete the ordering process online, this saves the dealership time so they can focus on their customers’ wants and needs. This process will make it easier for both the buyer and the seller.


A Boom in Electric

With the Biden administration’s plans to invest in nationwide electronic vehicle (EV) infrastructure, dealerships predict an increase in demand for battery-powered models. Because of these federal updates, consumers are leaning towards purchasing more EVs. Expect to see these options take up a more significant portion of the cars sold in 2022.


Lifestyle Changes

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations changed how they worked – thousands even shifting to a hybrid or fully remote working style. With more Americans working from home, cars are being used less for commuting and more for casual errands. Many consumers now use their vehicles to run errands throughout the day instead of simply checking things off before and after work.


Demand Remains Steady

A supply shortage led to vast price increases for all types of vehicles in the past two years. However, these increases haven’t impacted consumers’ decision to purchase a vehicle. Sales will remain strong as people look to buy a vehicle that fits their post-pandemic lifestyle.


Auto Loans

Regardless of our supply chain woes, there’s one thing that will never change when purchasing a vehicle: getting an auto loan that works for you. At Kelly Community, we offer a range of options to make your car-buying process easy and hassle-free with competitive interest rates, discounts and flexible payment plans.

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