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May 5, 2022

Due Diligence Tips When Buying A New Car

Buying a new car is exciting, but it’s also a big purchase. You’ll need to do some research throughout the car buying process to make sure it’s a safe investment.

Here are some due diligence tips to use when buying a new car.


Check the Car’s Safety Ratings

Your family’s safety is the number one priority, so always check crash tests and any vehicle recall notices. You can research crash test results at www.nhtsa.gov/ratings and recalls at safercar.gov.


Know the Price

You’ll need to research affordability before you buy a car. Your credit union will provide better auto loan cost estimates than a dealer, so come to us first.

We also offer extras that are usually more affordable than similar offerings from a dealership, like  GAPMechanical Repair CoverageCredit Life, and Credit Disability


Read the Contract

The fine print – it might be boring, but it’s very important. You should:

  • Read the contract and decide if you agree with it
  • Check for blank spaces you need to fill
  • Verify statements different than what you expected
  • Sign documents stating final prices before leaving with a new car


If you’re buying a new car, the Kelly Community team has your family’s best interests in mind and provides honest, affordable auto loans. We’ll give you the hassle-free experience your family deserves when shopping for a new car.

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