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So, you are getting a tax refund from Uncle Sam this year. Congratulations! At Kelly Community Federal Credit Union, we want to help you find ways to use your funds wisely, stretch your tax refund dollars, and even save you money in the future.

Kelly Community offers a variety of financial products to our credit union members that help them achieve greater financial stability and savings.  Using your tax refund dollars is a great way to get started.

How Can KCFCU Help? 

Open a Money Market Account.

Our MMA provides our member a unique combination of benefits. It pays a higher rate than a savings account and still gives you access to your money.  What are the benefits of opening a money market account?

  • Earns a higher yield than a Savings Account with five variable rate tiers. Let your tax refund make money. 
  • Access money without penalty or term requirements
  • Clear up to six checks/withdrawals per month
  • Dividends calculated daily and paid monthly

Want to learn more about opening a money market account? Get started saving today!

Invest in Share Certificates

A Share Certificate is the credit union version of a Certificate of Deposit (CD) you might get from a bank. It gives you the benefit of higher dividends when you agree to set aside your money for a specific amount of time. With as little as $1,000, Kelly Community members can invest in Share Certificates and maximize their earnings.

We also have special rates for our “Kidicate Certificates”. These are for children 16 and under, and require a social security number. They can be opened for as little as $100, or as much as $100,000, for a term of 24 months. They always earn 1.5% above our regular 2-year certificate. Our Kidicate Certificates are a great way to begin teaching your kiddos the importance of savings and wise money management.

Grow Your Money With a Popular IRA.

Start preparing for your retirement by using your tax refund. An Individual Retirement Account (IRA) is an excellent way to hold your money until you are no longer working. When you reach retirement age, you’ll be glad that you had the foresight to plan ahead for your financial stability, rather than spend your tax refund on something that has long been forgotten. We are always happy to explain the benefits of opening an IRA

Open a Savings Account Just for the Holidays

Our Christmas Club savings account lets you put aside money for the holidays into a special savings account. Each year on November 1st, the money you’ve saved is transferred back to you, so you can purchase gifts and cover vacation expenses without breaking the bank.

As an added bonus, our Christmas Club savings account includes plenty of great features:

  • Great dividends
  • No minimum balance required
  • No minimum monthly deposit required
  • No monthly fees
  • The entire balance will be transferred into your Share Savings account on November 1st. 

Start Saving For The Holidays
*Christmas Club dividend rate is paid on the first $12,000. The current Share Savings dividend rate will apply to balances $12,000.01 and greater. 

Increase Your Down Payment For a New Auto Loan

If you are in the market for a new or used vehicle, increasing the amount of your down payment, will not only lower your monthly payment, but will also decrease the amount of interest you will pay over the term of your auto loan. We offer financing for new and used cars, trucks, or vans, including the tax, title, and license fees. Financing up to 110% is available for those who qualify.

For an extra helping of peace of mind, you can add GAP, Mechanical Repair Coverage, Credit Life and Credit Disability when you purchase a loan through KCFCU. Plus, we’ll beat the dealership prices just about every time.  Learn more about our New or Used Car Loan options.

Make Extra Payments on Your Mortgage

Making extra payments on your mortgage can be a great way to save money over the long term. Because so much of your payment on a long-term note goes to pay off the interest, reducing the principal can have an exponential effect over the life of the loan. Even an extra payment or two now can make a big difference in your future payments.

Increase Your Down Payment for a New Home

If you’ve been saving for a home, use your refund to increase your down payment. This can help you to avoid costly private mortgage insurance (PMI) payments and also reduce the overall amount of your mortgage. Are you ready to Learn More About Home Loan Options. We offer VA Loans, Conventional Loans, FHA Loans, and other mortgage options to our members.

Increase the Resale Value of Your Home By Making Home Improvements.

If you already own your home and have been waiting to replace a leaky pipe, add a guest bedroom, or start a much-needed home improvement project, getting a tax refund might be a good time to make your home more functional, while increasing its resale value. With a Home Improvement Loan, you can use your house as collateral, which means you’re likely to get lower rates.

We Are Here To Help

Finding ways to use your tax refund wisely will pay off in more ways than one. You can grow your money, lower your payments, save more money, and help plan for your financial future. At Kelly Community Federal Credit Union, we are happy to discuss your options to get you on the path to using your tax refund in the most beneficial way possible. 

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