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September 1, 2022

Five Tips to Help You Beat Inflation

Inflation – it’s in the news, it’s on your mind and it’s hurting your wallet. It seems like an invincible monster, but it’s not. There are still ways for your family to beat inflation!


Here are some tips to help you hit inflation where it hurts:


  • Change Your Buying Habits: That name brand bag of chips sounds good, but it’ll make your budget sick. Switch to non-name brand goods or even change grocery stores to get the best prices.
  • Keep Investing: It sounds strange, but stock market downturns are the worst time to stop investing. Investing now means you’ll get cheap stocks, which will give you more to sell off at high prices when the market rebounds.
  • Save Your Savings: Don’t dive into savings to survive. Revise your budget instead. Cut out some streaming services or a couple fast food runs rather than compromise your long-term money goals.
  • Carpool If You Can: If you have a carpool buddy, this will lower those high gas prices for both of you. Two people splitting one tank of gas will be cheaper than paying for a full tank by yourself.
  • Maintain a Good Credit Score: You may not think you’ll need a loan now, but you never know when a car might break down or you need to relocate. When those things happen, a high credit score will get you the best interest rate (and monthly cost) possible.


We’re here to help as you put these tips into action, and we don’t want any members struggling to survive. If you find yourself in need of a budget friendly loan, talk to us about our competitive rates on auto and home loans. Let’s beat inflation together!

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