A Credit Union for You: Kelly Community

Finding an institution you can trust with your finances can be challenging, and we understand the struggle!

There is an abundance of important decisions to make surrounding your hard-earned money, which should not be weighed lightly. Thankfully, as a credit union, Kelly Community can offer its members remarkable benefits that may not be available through other institutions. Do you know what factors separate credit unions from other financial establishments? Let’s talk about them!

Most financial institutions are privately owned, mainly functioning for the purpose of generating income. Credit unions differ from this in that they work entirely around supporting the well-being of their members. To further elaborate, you become a company shareholder when you invest your money into a credit union. This enhances the relationship between credit union employees and members, for the two have something in common: being a part of the family!

Credit unions have a high level of respect for you and your finances, keeping what is best for you at the center of their focus.

Specifically, Kelly Community cares about your convenience and success more than the generation of revenue. We prioritize presenting our members with interest rates and offers you will not find elsewhere. You are, after all, part owner of the institution; therefore, you will be treated with urgency and concern!

Credit Unions utilize their money to ensure they can keep their members satisfied. Interest rates on personal accounts at credit unions are typically higher, which allows you to grow your funds at an exponentially faster pace. On the other hand, loan rates with credit unions generally are lower, allowing members to expand on their financial endeavors without such a significant burden to bear.

Lastly, credit unions have the flexibility to mold their opportunities into something fit for every person! If you need specific assistance with any matters involving your finances, our employees take pride in helping you achieve your goals. From financing your vehicles to taking out a personal loan to opening up a checking account, the opportunities to reach your goals along Kelly Community are endless!

If you have financial goals and would like to become a member with us to achieve them, do not hesitate to reach out. Please, let us help you! You can be another valuable member of the Kelly Community family.

Brylee Bergbower is a student at the University of Texas at Tyler studying Kinesiology who is taking on the world, learning about financial matters, and writing about it for Kelly Community. In her spare time Brylee juggles two part-time jobs, spends time with family and friends, stays fit, and studies!


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