October 20, 2022

Join a Community, Not Just a Credit Union

Joining a community is a lot different than joining a normal bank or credit union. Any institution you go to these days will offer checking accounts, a mobile app or loans. A community offers more than these products – it offers acceptance and understanding.


Those things are what we offer at Kelly. After all, community is in our name!


Community is in Our Nature

Acceptance and understanding are built into our credit union structure. While banks exist to make money, we exist to keep your money safe and help you achieve your goals.


Our board members are volunteers, and we don’t make a profit. Any extra money made goes into keeping our rates low, serving the community or right back to you. Since we only exist because of your financial contribution to Kelly, you’re also an owner!


That means we treat you like an owner.


Community in Action

You get the service you deserve when you enter our community. Here are a couple things you get:

  • Consideration for loans after other places rejected you


As a Smith County resident or family member, you only need to open an account to join our community. You’ll see understanding is the rule here, not the exception.


We’re excited to meet you and your family!

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