Line of Credit


Get through life's surprises with access to cash.

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With a line of credit, you get the security of additional funds without having to apply for a loan. It’s a ready supply of cash that’s there for whatever, whenever you need it most.

How it works.

Our lines of credit are based on credit worthiness.

Once you’ve been approved, you can access your credit line at any time through CU by Phone, CU Online, at one of our branch offices, or by having the funds deposited directly into your checking account. You can also use it as overdraft protection for your Kelly Community checking account.

Apply for a variable rate line of credit based on your credit score.

Once you’re approved, the line of credit stays open whether you carry a balance or not. And you won’t need to wait for anyone to process a mountain of paperwork each time you need funds. Unlike a loan, a line of credit is available up to its established limit as long as you make your payments on time.

  • Security of additional funds
  • No need to apply for a loan
  • Deposit into your checking account

Join the family.

When you join Kelly Community, you become part of the family. You’ll enjoy highly personalized service and the benefit of keeping all your finances in one convenient place. Plus, if you have a checking account with us, we can deposit the funds from your line of credit directly. Become a member today!


$10 Membership Fee and $25.00 minimum deposit required.
*APR: Annual Percentage Rate

Great credit union. Great low rates.

Line of Credit
Loan Term APR* As Low As
Payment 3% of Limit 13.50%
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