Ann Dudley

Ann Dudley joined Kelly Community about a year ago and has proudly exclaimed her excitement to be a part of our credit union! She specifically had a great experience with our team member, Jacob.

Dudley shared, he saved me over $13,000 in interest, gave me a better rate with a better time frame, and even offered to refinance my truck, too!”

Dudley got a loan with us to financially support her in purchasing a brand-new RV! She visited our Grande location to receive a helping hand with making a payment. After this visit, she was incredibly impressed with the personalized level of service she received and bragged to a team member of ours that she loves us!

In the past, Dudley was a car saleswoman who had many customers. In an interview, she claimed that Kelly Community’s interest rates are great and have always beat competitors! She enjoys being a member with us because “I can trust y’all” and “the experience is always great!”

Dudley is eager to continue utilizing our services and even plans to come back to refinance her truck! She states that she is eager to do it after her previous experiences with our service team. Thank you, Ann, for trusting us with your finances and allowing us to work with you!

Our credit union takes pride in providing inclusive customer service, low-interest rates, and clear pathways for effective communication! If you or somebody you know is interested in utilizing our loan services, we would love to chat with you! Come see us or give us a call to receive a great experience with people who care about your finances and, more importantly, you!

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