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December 8, 2022

More Holiday Scams

Last month, you learned about a couple nasty tricks criminals might play on you this holiday season. And sadly, their attempts to get on Santa’s naughty list don’t end there.


Let’s look at three more holiday scams, so you know how to avoid them and keep your good cheer.


  1. Facebook Fraud

Facebook Marketplace has some great holiday deals. New sneakers at $25? Sounds like a steal…and it just might be a steal, too. Scammers list “new” or “good” items at low prices to take your money, but you quickly find out the items are fake, broken or stolen. 

Keep your hard-earned money when you:

  • Ignore too-good-to-be-true offers
  • Refuse to pay until you’ve examined the item
  1. Charity Scams

Christmas is a time of giving, not just receiving. Unless you’re a scammer, that is. Some criminals set up websites imitating popular charities or call you with emotional stories. But any money you donate won’t go anywhere good. 

Give to the right causes when you:

  • Google search the charity and look at reviews
  • Leave sites imitating popular charities
  1. Fake Gift Card Requests

Everyone loves gift cards – your coworkers, your family members and those pretending to be your coworkers or family members. Using social media information, fraudsters send phony emails or texts pretending to be your boss or a loved one. These fake messages ask for help buying gift cards and want the codes emailed back.

Outwit these criminals when you:

  • Contact the real person to confirm the request
  • Refuse to send gift card codes over email or text


We hope these tips help you keep your Christmas merry and bright. Because every Kelly Community member deserves a joyful, stress-free Christmas!


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