January 26, 2023

New Year, Fake You? Not With Credit Score Updates!

The new year is a great time to remake yourself. That might mean a new workout routine, more reading or better organization. 


It does NOT mean a literal “new you” taking out loans you don’t want. Unfortunately, even the changing calendar can’t stop identity thieves. But you can when you are armed with the right tools, like your updated credit score.


Check Your Quarterly Score

The Kelly Community mobile app updates your credit score every quarter so you can stay in the loop. Viewing your score so often lets you monitor any unusual score decreases. If you notice any suspicious score drops, get a free credit report at annualcreditreport.com to find out what caused the lower score.

Start checking your score on our mobile app by:

  1. Clicking on the menu button.
  2. Selecting “My FICO Score.”
  3. That’s it!


Look for the Signs…

As you’re checking your score or credit report, keep potential identity theft signs in mind. Some red flags are:

  • Sudden score drops for no apparent reason
  • A record of new credit cards or loans in your name
  • “Hard” credit inquiries you didn’t request
  • An unexplainable increase in your overall debt
  • Late payments you didn’t know about


What Else Can You Do?

Regularly checking your score is one of the best ways to quickly stop identity theft, but there are some other indicators as well. Watch out for credit card charges you didn’t make, bounced checks or unexpected debt collection calls.


If you’re ready to start checking your score and preventing identity theft, download our app! And if you’re not a part of Kelly Community yet, open an account today!

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