Noonday, TX

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Noonday is a city in Smith County, Texas. It is a peaceful community located outside the city of Tyler. This area is home to many friendly people who enjoy the calmer way of life and lower cost of living. The area also boasts beautiful outdoor areas ripe with opportunities to enjoy yourself. Noonday is currently home to over 600 people.

When it comes to everyday life, everyone knows that our finances are important. Financial institutions such as credit unions play a crucial role in the facilitation of the transfer of funds and providing people with loans. Without these valuable institutions, our economy would not be as robust as it is and people would have a much more difficult time tracking their income and purchasing assets like homes and vehicles. While traditional banks and credit unions have been a staple in America, it can be difficult to make it to a bank during normal business hours. Thankfully, online banks, like Kelly Community Federal Credit Union, make it much easier for people to access the banking services they need. You can do everything from opening savings accounts to buying certificates of deposit to applying for a mortgage loan.

Savings Accounts

One important part of planning for retirement and unforeseen events is saving money. While you may think putting your money away at home is the best thing to do, a savings account is a better option. When you open a savings account, your money earns interest, which means your money is making you more money. This is much better than your money sitting there doing you no service. Our savings accounts offer competitive interest rates. Learn more about them today!


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Kelly Community Federal Credit Union is an online credit union serving the Noonday, TX area. We value all our account holders and do everything we can to help you in any way we can. Our team would be happy to discuss your financial goals with you and find the best financial products for you. Whether that is a savings account, personal loan, retirement account, or auto loan, we can help you. Contact us today to learn more about any of our financial products!

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