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Skip A Payment

Make Christmas Morning Merrier!

Skip Your Payment

Need more money for the holidays? Skip one of your Kelly Community loan payments and use that money to make Christmas morning a bit more merry.

We understand the holidays can be expensive. This is a way to help you keep more of your hard-earned money.

Simply complete this form, and you’ll be on your way to skipping your November or December loan payment on a qualifying loan.



Terms and Conditions

By participating in the Kelly Community Federal Credit Union (KCFCU) skip-a-payment offer, you are requesting to skip your loan payment as indicated above.  You agree and understand that:

(1)        There is a credit inquiry completed with each skip-a-pay request.  There is a $25.00 processing fee for the skip-a-pay request.


(2)        You must specify whether your loan is paid with an ACH or Account Transfer or another method from any banking institution (including KCFCU) for KCFCU to stop payment.  If KCFCU is unable to stop your ACH or Transfer payment in time, your skip-a-payment may be delayed until the next scheduled payment.

(3)        Skipping your payment(s) may result in you having to pay a higher total finance charge than if you made your payment(s) as originally scheduled.  Interest will continue to accrue on the outstanding principal balance during the payment deferral period.

(4)        The skip-a-payment may extend the maturity date and payment terms for each of your loan(s) on which one or more payments are skipped, and you must make more payments to extinguish the balance of your loan(s) than was originally specified in your loan documents.  In the event your skip-a-payment request is granted, you agree to fully cooperate with KCFCU to sign all documents requested by KCFCU to: (a) Document the skip-a-payment and loan modification. (b) Preserve all KCFCU security interest and rights indicated on the initial loan documents.

(5)        If you choose to add GAP and Warranty Coverage to your loan(s), the coverage may not extend beyond the original maturity date.

(6)        You are required to resume your payments when the skip-a-payment period is over.

(7)        Your loan(s) must be current on the day the skip-a-payment is requested.

(8)        You must have made three (3) consecutive monthly payments to your KCFCU loan(s) to be eligible for a skip-a-payment.

(9)        You cannot have a skip-a-payment on any loan for more than one month.

(10)     All skip-a-payments are subject to Credit Union approval.

(11)     A maximum of one skip-a-payment is allowed in a 12-month rolling period.

(12)     Skip-a-payments are not available on Real Estate Loans, Certificate Secured / Credit Repair and Credit Cards

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