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May 16, 2024

Three Ways to Update Your Outdoor Space

The great outdoors…or at least you want them to be great. And they still can be!


You can have the outdoor space you want as summer fast approaches. There are big and small ways to get your yard ready for throwing a football around, grilling or just enjoying the weather.


Here are three ways to update your outdoor space for the warmer weather.

  1. The Big


Completely transform your outdoor space with bigger projects. One major upgrade is building or upgrading a deck. A deck gives you more entertaining space, keeps your outdoor furniture off the grass and looks better than a concrete patio.

Another large project is an outdoor kitchen. These range from complex setups to simple, pretty grilling areas. Whether you go for complex or simple, done are the days of running back and forth from inside the house while cooking outside.


  1. The Small


Not everything needs to be big to enhance your outdoor space. One small addition is seating. It’s hard to enjoy your outdoor space without chairs, so go get some! A few outdoor seating options are pricey, so find what works for your family’s budget.

Two other small ideas are lighting and gardening. You can easily string up fairy lights or set up pathway lighting to stay outside once the sun goes down. Gardening adds pops of color to your outdoor space, enhances your home’s beauty and is a great hobby too.


  1. The Busy Work


Some outdoor tasks just make you groan. They might be necessary, but they’re annoying to do (like weed control, trimming the trees or mowing the lawn).

Hiring services to help you with the busy work gives you time back each week. And even if you only hire them for a one-time refresher, it will be easier to maintain the yard with a fresh start.


Do you have a big project in mind? Kelly Community home equity loans help make them affordable for your family so you don’t have to compromise on your outdoor space. But no matter what you do…have fun out there!


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