August 18, 2022

Auto Manufacturers Cut Safety Features to Keep Business Moving

If your family’s planning on buying a new 2022 car model, it’s important to know recent news. The latest cars may not have all the features you want anymore.


Semiconductor shortages are causing auto manufacturers to cut safety features powered by computer chips. That means your vehicle will still have airbags and seatbelts, but it might lack collision detection.


Here’s a short list of safety features you won’t find in this year’s new cars.

Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM): These systems help prevent lane-changing accidents. BSM notices cars hidden from side mirrors by the blind spot. If a vehicle is in the blind spot, a side mirror light will flash to tell you not to change lanes.


Rear Cross-Traffic Alert (RCTA): This type of collision detection warns you about possible backup crashes. When you’re about to back into another car, the system beeps at you to make you hit the brakes.


Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ASDS): ASDS is a catch-all term referring to a variety of high-tech safety features. From automatic braking to lane departure warnings, these systems prevent multiple accident types.


Still buying this year’s models? Check the window sticker to see available safety features since car salesmen won’t always tell you what’s missing.


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