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$mart Choice Checking


Focus on fixing your finances.

Having trouble qualifying for a checking account? This account helps those with imperfect checking histories.

A checking account with a high acceptance rate.

If you have a history of NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) activity or a Chex Systems record, you know how difficult it can be to open a checking account. $mart Choice Checking gives you the opportunity to start rebuilding financially, giving you a chance at a better financial future.

How it works.

Anyone with a Chex Systems record of less than $800 unpaid is eligible for $mart Choice Checking. This account has an $8 monthly fee, but you can eventually move to one of our free checking accounts instead.

Each checking account we offer includes a MasterCard®️ debit card for maximum convenience. Plus, use our CardControl®️ app to:
  • Turn your debit card on and off
  • Restrict purchases to specific geographic areas
  • Limit card use to specific merchants or purchases
  • Receive alerts when your card has been used

We also have certified financial counselors on staff who would love to help you get your finances on track. Just ask!

You can request to switch to a free checking account once you have 12 months of no NSF history, as long as the following apply:

  • No negative balances with any accounts held at the credit union
  • No NSF charges for the previous 12 months
  • No delinquent loans
  • Not be in the process of filing bankruptcy or under the protection of a bankruptcy reorganization plan
  • Not be subject to any legal or administrative order or levy
  • Have a deceased signature listed on the account

While over in Europe my debit card had issues, a call to Kelly Community is all it took. They make all deposits into accounts up to 6pm, their hours are great.
Google Reviewer

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