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External Accounts Transfers


Securely and easily transfer funds back and forth.

External Accounts Transfers is a safe alternative to making multiple trips to different financial institutions to transfer your money.

Moving your money is now safer and easier.

If you have accounts at another financial institution, now you can:

  • Link your accounts with other financial institutions
  • Send and receive funds
  • Save time and money

Connect your banking accounts to easily transfer funds back and forth.

If you have accounts at another financial institution, no matter where they are located, it is now possible to simply link your accounts together through CU Online, wait two-three business days for the verification process, and then start transferring funds between your accounts safely and securely. Once your external accounts have been verified by you entering in the deposit amount through CU Online, you will be able to send money to and request money from your non Kelly Community accounts through the Transfers/Payments page of your CU Online account. Transfers will take up to two business days to complete.

The security you have in transferring between your accounts will also save you time and money.

If you have any questions about how to set up or use External Accounts Transfers, please email or call us today! Our staff is eager to assist you and make your banking experience better.

External Accounts Transfers.

If you need help setting up External Accounts Transfers, please see this section or contact a Kelly Community representative.

Frequently Asked Questions:

If you need help setting up External Accounts Transfers, please review the FAQ section below or contact a Kelly Community representative. 

Absolutely. Recurring transfers are set up in the Transfers/Payments screen of CU Online. After you select the account/suffix that you want the funds to transfer to and from, and enter the amount to be transferred, you will be given the option to make a one-time transfer, select a future date, or set up a recurring transfer based upon the time frame you choose (monthly, yearly, etc.).

No. External Accounts Transfer is available for your personal accounts at Kelly Community Federal Credit Union to be used with your personal accounts that you have with other financial institutions. Kelly Community does offer person-to-person payments through our online Bill Pay platform which allows you to send funds via text or email. Additionally, person-to-person payments can be set up through ApplePay.

You must check with a Kelly Community representative to verify that you qualify for External Accounts Transfers.

  • You must have an CU Online account to access your Kelly Community account that you will link to your other accounts with other financial institutions.
  • After your CU Online account has been activated, and once your account has been set up by a Kelly Community representative, a new menu option will appear in the menu on the left side of your home page, External Accounts Setup.
  • Select “External Accounts Setup” from the menu list.
  • Fill out Account Type (Checking/Savings), Routing Number, Account Number, and Account Description (you can choose a name or leave blank).
  • Review the External Account Funds Transfer Disclosure. Then click “Add External Account.”
  • You will receive a pop up message that will instruct you on your next steps.
  • When you receive the test deposits in your external financial accounts, you will need to log back into your Kelly Community CU Online account and select “External Accounts Setup” from the main menu.
  • On the External Account Management screen, you will have the option to select “Verify” and enter the two deposit amounts from your external account. Once you enter the deposit amounts and hit “OK” you account will show “Ready for Transfer”.
  • To initiate a transfer, you will need to select “Transfers/Payments” at the top of page. This will take you to the “Start New Transfer” page and your external accounts will now show in the drop down menu of accounts available to you. Select the accounts that you wish to transfer from and to from the drop down menus.
  • After selecting your accounts, enter the amount you want to transfer and select “continue”; you will have the option to select a transfer date and/or a regular recurrence (one time, monthly, yearly).
  • After you select submit, you will be prompted for final confirmation of your transfer. Once you confirm the transaction, you will receive a “Transfer Success” box. Your transfer will take 1-2 business days to complete.

Transfers can take up to two business days to complete.

Once you initiate the setup to connect your Kelly Community account to your account with another financial institution through the External Accounts Setup tab in the left side menu of your online banking account, it will take up to three business days for the test deposits to show up in your external accounts. Once you enter the correct amounts in the External Accounts Management area of the External Accounts Setup tab, your accounts will be activated and available for transfers at that time.

Yes, for your account safety, the credit union has a limit of $750/day for inbound transfers and $750/day for outbound transfers relating to all your accounts.

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