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Boost your credit score in just one year.

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Higher credit score. Lower rates on loans. All within your reach.

Good credit takes at least six months to build and one year to settle. While you pay your credit builder loan on time with us, we’ll report your timely payments to all three credit bureaus.

Once you achieve the score you want, you can qualify for better rates on loans for big purchases like a car or home, making your dreams more affordable.

How it works.

If you’re looking to improve your credit, look no further than this credit builder loan. Our credit repair and credit building loans are designed to help you boost your score in just one year. That way, you can avoid paying hefty interest rates on cars, homes, and other big purchases.

  • Great for building or rebuilding credit
  • Boost your score in just one year

We’re invested in your financial future.

Unlike many financial institutions, we care about you personally. That’s why we want to get you a great start on your credit. We’ll help educate you on your options so you can decide which loan is the right one for you. When we pull your credit report, we’ll also look at your other current loans to see if we can offer better rates.

Boost your credit score in just one year.


$10 Membership Fee and $25.00 minimum deposit required.
*APR: Annual Percentage Rate

Great credit union. Great low rates.

Credit Builder/Credit Repair
Loan Term APR* As Low As
Up to 24 Months 13.50%
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