Safe Deposit Boxes

Protect what you love

with a Safe Deposit Box

Secure your keepsakes and important documents

An individually secured container at the credit unions offices

If you want to protect your jewelry, keepsakes, or important documents, a safe deposit box is the way to go. They’ll keep your prized possessions safe from theft and wear and tear. Come visit us to rent one for a reasonable annual fee.

Individual safe deposit boxes are available for rental at the 2105 Grande Blvd. branch office in various sizes.

The annual fees are:    3 X 10 – $30   |  5 X 10 – $40   |   10 X 10 – $60


You can trust Kelly Community

What makes us different from other financial institutions? We’re local, we have your best interests at heart, and we treat you right.

1. We’re local. We understand the unique atmosphere of East Texas, and we have been a part of the community for more than 50 years.

2. We have your best interests at heart. Unlike the big banks, we aren’t beholden to shareholders. Our member-owners are the people who keep us in business, and we recognize that.

3. We treat you right. We’re always ready to answer any of your questions or give you financial guidance as you make big decisions.

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