February 3, 2022

Tips For Cutting Energy Costs This Winter

There’s a saying in Texas that if you don’t like the weather, just wait five minutes. This has proven true numerous times, especially during the winter. After last year’s “snowmageddon” that blanketed Texas with snow and freezing temperatures, this is a good time to prepare for February weather. Here are some tips for reducing energy costs while still keeping your home warm.



1.     Make sure doors and windows are sealed.


This may seem obvious, but when there are gaps beneath doors or windows that don’t fully shut, the temperature in your home is harder to maintain. Whether it’s the winter and you’re trying to stay warm or the summer and you’re trying not to melt, make sure everything is properly sealed.


2.     Be thermostat smart (or get a smart thermostat)


If you are in and out of your house at regular times of the day (going to work, school, etc.), then your house doesn’t need to remain the same temperature throughout the day. Either turn the temperature down (or up if in the summer) before leaving the house. There are also a number of affordable smart thermostats that enable you to schedule changes in the temperature so automatically. Either way, be strategic about how you use your thermostat. That alone can save you up to 15% on your electric or gas bill every month.


3.     Learn when your peak hours are


Most energy providers charge more during peak hours, which means if you run appliances and use a lot of electricity during those hours, you will end up paying a premium. Talk to your energy provider about when those peak hours are and plan to use the majority of your energy during non-peak hours.


Reducing energy use (and cost) can help the energy infrastructure handle extreme weather better and also reduce your monthly financial burden.



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