June 2, 2022

Don’t Fall Prey to Travel Scams

It’s that time of year when people are scheduling flights and booking hotel rooms for summer vacation. Unfortunately, not all supposed travel services have your relaxation in mind. Scammers are using fake travel websites and rental listings to swipe your vacation money.


They’re making phony websites look like popular airline and hotel sites, which they use to steal your personal information when you enter it on the site. They may also offer false hotel or rental listings. If you book the listing, you’ll find yourself short a lot of money and a room when you reach your destination.

Avoid falling prey to travel scammers when you:


  • Cautiously read a travel website’s URL. Scammers will insert extra letters into otherwise normal brand names to fool you. Careful reading should catch this trick.
  • Call hotels and airlines to confirm your online booking. This will help you quickly notice fraud and prevent a nasty surprise at your destination.
  • Google unfamiliar businesses with “review” or “scam” to see if bad reviews pop up.
  • Pay with credit cards, which have better fraud protection than other payment methods.


Our members all deserve a break, and we want your vacation to be as stress-free as possible.


Learn more about travel scams here.

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