October 6, 2022

Don’t Let Phishing Texts Hook You

You hear about fraudulent text messages all the time, and you might know someone who fell victim to one. However, these phishing messages don’t just happen at other institutions. 

They’re happening right here at Kelly Community, too.

Some Kelly members recently received text messages saying, “There was fraud on your debit card and it was canceled.” Then, the messages asked members to call a number to verify their accounts. 

These messages did not come from us; they came from scammers. Please do not contact the phone number in the messages. If messages contain links, please do not click on them.

Legitimate Kelly Community messages will have:

  1. A connection to CardControl”R”. It secures your cards and sends you unauthorized transaction alerts. These are real-time alerts sent through the app, and it lets you shut off your cards without calling. If you haven’t already, download CardControl “R” to keep your cards safe.
  1. A real phone number. Our call center number is 903-597-7291, and our toll-free number is 800-322-5828. Don’t call any other numbers.
  1. A real link. Our website URL is https://www.kellycommunity.org/. Scammers may provide a different or misspelled link.
  2. A reference to real unauthorized activity. Check your accounts to see if messages are telling the truth or trying to trick you.

If you’re unsure about a text message, please contact us immediately before clicking a link or calling a phone number. We don’t want even one of our members losing money to scammers.

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