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October 25, 2023

Five Ways to Use Your Holiday Loan

Your Holiday Loan is a great money-saving tool. It has lower rates than most credit cards, good terms and enough money to cover most holiday expense. But there are so many possible Holiday Loan uses, you might not know what to do!


 Let’s help you overcome choice paralysis. Here are five ways to use your Holiday Loan this year.


  1. Hosting Christmas Dinner – Food is expensive, and it’s especially pricey if you’re the host. A lot of visitors means a lot of dollars leaving your account. Use your Holiday Loan to pay for your ham, turkey, side dishes or whatever else your family feast contains – all at a lower rate than using most credit cards.
  1. Winning the Decorating Contest – That coveted neighborhood Christmas decorating prize is still within reach. Get everything from lights to inflatable reindeer without breaking the bank. Not trying to win any contests? You can still save money on decorations with your Holiday Loan.
  1. Getting Your Gifts – Don’t compromise your Christmas gift-giving because prices and credit card rates are through the roof. Use a Holiday Loan to coax Santa back down the chimney and put your (lower interest) presents under the tree.
  1. Buying Gas or Tickets – Often, the best gift is seeing distant family and friends, and high travel costs shouldn’t be a barrier to that invaluable blessing. Keep your travel plans when you pay for plane tickets or gas with your Holiday Loan.
  1. Consolidating Your Debt – Transform your high-interest debt into lower monthly payments. How? Use your Holiday Loan money to pay down another debt, leaving only the Holiday Loan payments at their lower rate. It’s a Christmas miracle!


The Kelly Community family can start on these ideas today. Get your Holiday Loan and have a money-saving holiday season. Apply here!

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