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May 2, 2024

Keep Your Home Safe for Summer (and Every Season)

Summer is creeping up faster than you expect…which means vacations are coming up too. If you’re planning to travel, this is a good time to be sure your home is safe against intruders.


Here are some tips:


Alarms alert you to problems inside and outside your house. Here are the most essential alarms:

  • Smoke Alarms – These alarms prevent a dangerous blaze from sneaking up on you. Place a smoke alarm in each bedroom, hallway and fire-prone area (like the kitchen). Test alarms each year and replace batteries if needed.


  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors – Carbon monoxide has no noticeable smell or appearance, so you need detectors to keep you safe. Place these alarms in the same places as the smoke alarms and test regularly.


  • Burglar Alarms – A home security system scares away potential intruders. Many systems even link to the police and send officers when someone triggers them while you’re away.



Many modern home security systems come with cameras, and there are plenty of options to choose. Doorbell cameras let you peek outside without opening the door and risking your safety. Interior cameras give you peace of mind by letting you check on your home from afar.



When is the last time you thought about your locks?

Double check them to make sure they still work well. Is there anyone who has a key and shouldn’t (like a previous owner, a maintenance worker, etc.)? If your locks are broken or compromised, it’s time to change them.

If you do have locks to change, consider smart locks, which generally require a keypad, biometrics or an app to lock or unlock. The beauty of this is you can lock or unlock from anywhere. Forgot to lock up before you left? Need to let someone in while you are gone? Do it from your phone.

Don’t let danger catch you by surprise. Stay safe with these home safety tips – your Kelly Community family cares about you!


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