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April 18, 2024

Simplify Your Spring Cleaning

Spring cleaning often starts with the excitement of dusting off the patio furniture and power washing the exterior of the house. But as you find things around the house that need to be done, it sometimes takes on a life of its own.

Here are some tips for simplifying your spring cleaning this year:


  • Make a “Don’t Clean List” – You have a busy life, so it’s alright if you can’t get to everything this spring. Prioritize the most cluttered home spaces when you make a “don’t clean list.” This list contains everything you won’t clean up so you can focus your energy on what’s doable and most important right now.


  • Go from Top to Bottom – Don’t work twice as hard when spring cleaning! Dusting your ceiling fans after cleaning the floor means you literally pile grime on your hard work. Instead, start at the ceiling first and vacuum up all the dust at the end.


  • Revisit Your Items – You can dig up a lot of old stuff when reorganizing the house, but you don’t need to keep it all. Not everything you find needs a place. Ask yourself if the item is useful, valuable or gives you joy. If it’s just a space-taker, send it away to a junk or donation box! Don’t waste time reorganizing things you no longer want.


  • Spend Time Outdoors – Is the weather too nice to be inside? Make spring cleaning fun by revitalizing the yard. Pulling up weeds, reseeding, planting new flowers and more are all ways to refresh the home while enjoying nature’s beauty. And if you’re having fun…it doesn’t feel like a chore!


We hope these tips helped make spring cleaning a little simpler this year. But if you have some not-so-simple spring projects, Kelly Community offers home equity loans to help.

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