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December 15, 2022

Three Holiday Hosting Hacks That Save You Money


There are few things as special as holiday meals with your family, but they can start to get pretty expensive the longer the guest list grows. So, how do you manage it all? 

Let’s go over three ways to keep your budget in order while preparing to host a holiday meal.

  1. Assign Sides to Guests

As the host, you’re probably making the ham, turkey or whatever you do as the main course. But you don’t need to make the sides, too. Your family has some great cooks, so put them to work!

Have each guest bring a different side. This leaves you less to prepare on Christmas Day and saves you money you would’ve spent on all those sides.

  1. Organize Your Kitchen

When was the last time you organized your pantry? How about your fridge? As scary as it is to venture into those food black holes, you might already have what you need in there. 

Take the time to organize your food storage areas and find ingredients you’ll use in your holiday meal. You just might save some money by not buying those items at the store.

  1. Don’t Overdecorate 

It’s easy to go overboard with Christmas decorations, especially if you’re having guests. And while pricey decorations will impress visitors, it won’t impress your wallet.

Decorate minimally and tastefully to save money. Focus on putting the most important decorations in central, eye-catching locations. This lets you fill your home with holiday spirit without breaking the bank.

You should enjoy Christmas as a time when everyone comes together, so we hope these tips gave you a plan for the holiday fun to come!


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