May 6, 2021

Wait, Saving Can Be Fun?

Do you dread talking about savings? Here are three fun ways to save money and make the whole process more enjoyable.


When people think of savings, they usually don’t think of fun ways to save money. They may think of “responsible,” or “important,” or maybe even “kind of a drag,” but rarely ever fun. And we get it.

$1000 put toward your savings doesn’t sound as fun as $1000 spent on a trip.

But what if we told you that with a few easy shifts in your thinking, saving actually can be fun?

At Kelly Community, we want to do everything we can to help you save more, earn more and do more financially. Making saving fun is a big part of that.


Fun Savings Tip #1: Turn saving into a game

Growing up, all we wanted was to have the highest score on a video game. What if you applied that same thinking and turned saving into a game?

If you’re married, here’s what that could look like:

  • Calculate all the essential costs
  • Divide up the discretionary money evenly between the two of you
  • Whoever saves more of their half of the discretionary income by the end of the month wins!

If saving money is less about putting money away and more about getting the most points in a competition, it becomes a lot easier, and dare we say, more fun to save every month.


Fun Savings Tip #2: Set a specific goal

There is wisdom in having a tiered approach to savings. You want to have low interest cash savings for emergencies, moderate interest investments for steady growth, and long term retirement savings. However, without taking a step back, it’s easy to just see savings as throwing money into a well and wondering if you’ll ever really see it again.

One way to make savings more fun is to always have a real tangible thing you are saving for alongside these other important things. What if for every $100 saved you put $25 toward a trip, or that new area rug you’ve been eyeing, or a fun night out on the town with friends and family?

By connecting at least part of your savings with something tangible and closer, it can change the entire attitude surrounding savings.


Fun Savings Tip #3: Review your savings with a slice of your favorite pizza

Ok, it doesn’t have to be pizza. It could be while watching your favorite movie, or enjoying your favorite glass of wine. It really is whatever floats your boat (in fact, maybe you are saving for a boat!).

Make looking at your savings a fun experience. When you begin associating savings with a good experience, it shifts to become something fun you look forward to doing, instead of a chore you dread.

We’d love to help you make savings fun. Either give us a call or stop by one of our two branches to talk about the different accounts we can help you open.

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