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September 14, 2023

Watch Out for Voice-Stealing Criminals!

Nothing is sacred anymore…even the voices of your friends and family.


Criminals are now using artificial intelligence technology to mimic the voices of your loved ones. They create recordings that sound like someone you love is screaming, crying and in trouble. Reasons given for the call could range from serious injury to an abduction.


Of course, the only way to solve the problem (the scammer will say) is by sending money. They will request a ransom, bail money, money to pay medical bills or whatever form of payment will save your “family member” or “friend.”


Avoid falling victim to voice scams by:

  1. Setting social media accounts to private so criminals can’t see your information and use it in a phony call.
  1. Double checking the caller’s number. Does it look familiar? Is it in your contacts? If the answer’s no, hang up and call your loved one’s number.
  1. Coming up with a code word to use if someone you know is really in trouble. If the code word isn’t mentioned, you know the call is fake.


New technology is exciting! But don’t let the newness and excitement of it blind you to potential threats. We hope these tips help you stay safe as you take phone calls in this artificial intelligence age.

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