January 25, 2024

Your Credit Score is Updated in Online Banking

You more most current credit score is now available in Online Banking.


The Kelly Community mobile app updates your credit score every quarter so you can see you can continue improving your finances and check to ensure no fraud is happening on your account.


If your credit score goes down, it could mean someone is opening accounts in your name without your knowledge. It could also mean your debt-to-income ratio is off. That means you may have more debt than is recommended for your income level.


Both of these are fixable when you catch them quickly.


To view your credit school in our mobile app:

  1. Tap the menu button.
  2. Select “My FICO Score.”
  3. That’s it!

If you find activity you don’t recognize on your credit report, like accounts you don’t have, please report them immediately using the tools in the app.


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