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Imagine your Christmas tree in a new home. The smell of gingerbread rising out of your new-to-you kitchen. With a mortgage loan from Kelly Community, your dream can come true!

This could be your best holiday season when you purchase that new or “new-to-you” home. We work with you to find the mortgage that works best for your needs and make the process simple and easy.


Why borrow through Kelly Community?

We treat you better. Here are some of the advantages you’ll get when you choose Kelly to handle your mortgage:

At Kelly Community, you’re part of the family.

We review each loan application on its own merit, and we’ll even sit down with you to discuss how you can qualify.

Our loan officers don’t stop at reviewing your loan application. When they pull your credit report, they’ll see if we can save you even more money on rates and monthly payments by beating any other loan rates you currently have.

We’ve helped thousands get exactly the vehicle they need. We’d love to help you too.

We’ve been voted one of the top five financial institutions for auto loans in Tyler, Texas, five years running.

We’re East Texas through and through. You’re always welcome to come right into one of our branches and chat with us face-to-face.

More convenience.

You can quickly complete your application right here online.


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