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The ATM/ITM at our 5th Street branch location is currently experiencing an outage and won’t be available until a repair technician can be onsite Monday, June 5th. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience as we work to restore full services to this machine.

Superhero Home Loans

Every superhero needs a home to grow up in.

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Families come in all capes and sizes. So do home loans from Kelly Community.

Just think of all the great family memories you will experience in a new house. Family game night. Hot chocolate by the fireplace. Eating popcorn as you binge your favorite TV show. Backyard barbeques. Holiday gatherings.

At Kelly Community we believe in treating members like family. We’re fair, honest, and dependable. Our home loan rates are among the lowest in town. Stop by, call us or apply online. We’re here to serve you.

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Refinance your mortgage before rates get higher

Mortgage rates have been rising slowly. Save money while there’s still time.

Mortgage rates are going up! It may not seem like it, because they are rising slowly. Last week, rates got close to 4.00%! That’s the highest they’ve been since the summer of 2019.

To be clear, that’s still a good rate. But if your mortgage is 10 years old or more, you are running out of time to maximize your savings and lower your monthly mortgage.

Kelly Community can help you whether you are refinancing or buying a home. We offer:

  1. FHA (Federal Housing Administration) Loan
  2. Conventional home loan
  3. ARM (Adjustable Rate Mortgage)
  4. Fixed Rate Loans
  5. VA Mortgage Loans
  6. Possible low down payments
  7. Construction Loans

Why borrow through Kelly Community?

More personal service.

With Kelly Community, you get the best of both worlds. We service in-house loans or if it’s more beneficial to you, we partner with some of the best mortgage companies around. All applications are handled and reviewed in-house so we can determine with you what are your best options. When you apply, we’ll walk you through the process to make sure you understand your rates and monthly payments.

More compassion.

We tend to be more forgiving than most lenders in the area. If you need a fresh start, you can start here.

More convenience.

You can quickly complete your application right here online.

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