Apps and Tools to Teach Your Kids About Money

In today’s digital age, teaching your kids about money management can be both fun and effective with the right tools. Piggy banks and allowance notebooks are yesterday’s news. Now, we can turn to innovative apps designed to make financial literacy engaging for the younger generation. Here are three reputable apps that can help your children become tech-savvy savers:


Bankaroo: Dreamed up by an 11-year-old, Bankaroo is a virtual bank that aims to teach kids about money in a fun and educational way. This app is ideal for children ages 5 and up, offering a platform to manage their savings, set goals and learn the basics of budgeting. It’s an excellent tool for parents seeking to instill the value of money and financial planning from an early age.


Savings Spree: Savings Spree shows kids how their daily choices can add up to big savings or expenses. Designed for kids ages 7 and up, the app is presented in a game show format that makes learning about money fun and interactive. Through various scenarios, kids learn about earning, spending, donating, and investing, offering a comprehensive understanding of personal finance.


Greenlight: Greenlight combines the features of a debit card with an app to teach kids about earning, spending, saving, and giving. It allows parents to set specific store-level spend controls, while kids get to monitor their balance, set saving goals, and even invest in real stocks. Greenlight’s comprehensive approach makes it an excellent option for teaching kids the nuances of personal finance.


Incorporating these apps into your children’s routine can turn financial education into a fun, interactive, and highly effective learning experience. By embracing these tech-savvy tools, you’re not just teaching your kids about money; you’re preparing them for a financially responsible future in a way that resonates with their digital-first perspective.


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