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August 1, 2023

Basic Checking is Now Called Elite Checking

We changed the name of our Basic Checking Account to Elite Checking on August 1, 2023. Everything else about the account stays the same. We just gave it a name that reflects the actual benefits of the account.

Elite Checking isn’t basic at all. For example, most “basic” checking accounts don’t pay dividends. Your Elite Checking Account does. Elite Checking also has no monthly maintenance fees or purchase transaction fees. We don’t require a minimum balance to keep your account open. You also have control over how, when and where you use your debit. Our Card Control app lets you turn your card on and off whenever you need to, as well as set spending limits and alerts.

If you could get a “basic” checking account or “elite” checking account with the same benefits, which one would you choose? Our hope is that name change will make the decision to open a checking account even easier for those who don’t yet have one.

If you would like to open an Elite Checking Account, you can do it online or at any Kelly Community location.


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