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Your next home? – To buy or to build. That is the question.

Location. Location. Location.

It’s a phrase you hear often, but it’s true. Location matters – whether you buy or build.


A home in California is substantially higher than a home in Texas. A house in a major metropolitan area will be more expensive than one in a rural area. City or rural life: each has pros and cons.


Big cities offer access to better shopping, broader school choices, and variety in available social activities contributing to increases in the cost of a home there. Land in the lesser populated areas of the country is often available at more attractive prices, but installing a septic system and paying to have electrical and water connections brought in from distant sources increase costs.


Why buy instead of build?

Financing and speed-of-purchase make buying attractive. Loan preapproval of a home mortgage eases and expedites the home buying process. With the preapproval, once an offer is accepted and the deal is closed, you move in. But, when you buy an existing home, do you have everything you need and want?


Why selecting an existing home doesn’t always buy happiness.

Homebuyers have two lists: What they need, and what they want.


When you buy a home instead of building one, you almost always allow exceptions. In other words, you settle for less.


The bedrooms are rarely the exact size and layout you had in mind; the paint color isn’t right, and special spaces such as a study or entertainment center just aren’t there.


It’s rare when someone buys a home and makes no updates. Even if it is something as simple as a new color of paint or new carpet – those are updates and updates cost money.


So, when you factor in the additional dollars for home modifications, you can spend more on buying an existing home than if you built exactly what you need and want.


Why building may be a better option

The largest investment the average person makes is buying a home. So, why not make sure your investment is exactly what you want?


Hiring the right architect, choosing the ideal building location, and placing a priority on building exactly what you need and want is more likely to bring the desired outcome for the buyer – satisfaction and happiness with their new home. And happiness is worth the investment – even if it sometimes costs a little extra.



Demand has increased the price of both existing and new homes in 2020. Historically, the housing market has proven it’s unlikely that home prices will decrease in the years ahead. If you choose to delay buying or building a home, it could cost you more in the long run.


So, why wait? Reach out to your Kelly Community mortgage specialist today. They’ll be happy to help you acquire the home of your dreams – whether you buy or build.


  • Jesse Darden

    Good afternoon,

    I am in search of being pre approved for a land loan. Being that I bank with Kelly I wanted to check to see if this is something that is offered. Thank you.

    • Posted by: Rae Oakes

      Hi Jesse,
      Thank you for your inquiry. We do land loans and preapprovals for land loans. You can apply online, in person, or over the phone with one of our Real Estate specialists!

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