July 14, 2022

Energy Saving Tips for Summer

Lawns aren’t the only things baking in the Texas summer heat. Your budget is baking too. High temperatures drive up energy usage and cause your electricity bill to skyrocket. If you’re looking for budget stability, you’ll need ways to save energy.


Here are four great tips to lower your electricity bill this summer.


  1. Adjust Your Thermostat: You might be cool at 73 degrees, but your bill won’t look pretty. Set your thermostat to 78 degrees while home to reduce A/C usage. When you’re not home, set it four degrees higher than this to maximize savings.


  1. Check Your Curtains: Light coming through windows quickly heats your house. Get room darkening or blackout curtains to block sunlight. Less sunlight equals less heat, which means you’re A/C gets a break.


  1. Change the Air Filter: It’s easily forgotten, but it’s important. A dirty air filter causes you’re A/C to work harder and lets allergens into your home. Change air filters every one to three months to relieve stress on your A/C.


  1. Insulate Doors and Windows: Does it feel like cool air’s walking out the front door? It just might be. Old weather stripping or broken window seals let cool air leave your house. Replace weather stripping and windowpanes to trap cool air inside.


If you’re looking at a larger energy fix than thermostat adjustments, the Kelly Community team is here to help. We provide home improvement and home equity loans to give your family the cool home they deserve.

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