October 12, 2023

National Savings Day Tips

October isn’t just about Halloween…it’s about financial wellness too! Today is National Savings Day, and it’s important to make saving a priority in this pricey economic environment. Putting away just a little money now can spare you a lot of financial pain later.


Here are some good savings tricks that will help you treat yourself later.


  1. Set Up Ghost Transfers – Saving can be tricky because you struggle to move money from your checking account into your savings account. Counter your aversion by automating monthly transfers to your savings account. You’ll save money, and you won’t have to see it happen.


  1. Give Kitchenware a Second Life – It’s alive (again)! Rather than buying paper plates or Styrofoam cups, purchase reusable kitchenware. You’ll have a bit more dishwashing to do. But you’ll also stop literally throwing away money week after week as you plow through your disposable kitchen supply.


  1. Purchase Like a Zombie – That is to say, slowly. Don’t immediately put something in your (physical or digital) cart. Give yourself a week or more to decide if you really need it and put an end to impulse buys.


  1. Revisit the Skeleton – Your budget is the skeleton of your financial life – it provides structure and holds everything together. Review your budget this month to see where you can save money.


  1. Grow Your Savings Pumpkin Patch – One pumpkin vine yields three to five pumpkins. And like growing pumpkins, investing in a share certificate multiplies your yield over time. Put $1,000 into a certificate, leave it and let it increase your savings over the term.


Kelly Community currently has 5.40% APY on 3, 6 and 12-month share certificates, so you can start multiplying your savings today. Celebrate National Savings Day and open a share certificate now!

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