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August 10, 2023

Texas Tax-Free Weekend Starts Tomorrow

Add the word “free” to anything, and it’s going to sound nice…especially if the word before it is “tax.” But Texas’ Tax-Free Weekend can be a bit deceiving. Not everything is exempt from sales tax, and there are specific rules you need to follow if you want to save money.


So, what do you need to know going into tomorrow? Here are the main guidelines:


  • The sales tax holiday ends at midnight on Sunday, August 13. You have until then to procrastinate on a purchase, but be careful! Wait too long by a minute and your savings will disappear!


  • Tax-free items only include clothing, shoes, backpacks and school supplies. That’s right – you’re not saving anything on a new TV or couch this weekend.


  • Individual items must be below $100 to be tax-exempt. Buying multiple items underneath the $100 threshold will maximize your savings, since the sales tax would typically add up on a normal weekend.


  • The tax-free holiday also applies to online purchases! As long as you actually purchase the item during the weekend, you won’t pay sales tax. A delivery date after the weekend is over doesn’t affect your exemption.


  • Watch out for sneaky shipping and handling costs since these count toward your overall pre-tax purchase price. For example, a $95 pair of shoes with a $6 shipping cost means your item is now $101 and taxable.


We hope all Kelly Community members take advantage of Texas’ Tax-Free Weekend and save some money! To learn more about the sales tax holiday, visit the comptroller’s website.

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