May 12, 2022

Three Affordable Ways To Spruce Up Your Backyard For Summer

Summer’s almost here, which means you’ll get to spend a lot more time outside pretty soon. It also means your backyard might need a couple fixes to make it more comfortable during all that outside time.


Here are three affordable ways to spruce up your backyard for summer.


  1. Add Outdoor Rugs: Concrete patios can both look boring and feel rough on bare feet. Outdoor rugs add style and comfort to your patio! These rugs are also cheap at places various big box stores.


  1. Upgrade With Thrift Store Tables: Rather than buying expensive new patio tables, you can often buy tables worth as little as $40 at thrift stores. Give them a quick paint, stain and waterproofing to make it into a patio table.


  1. Create a Stone Path: Make a beautiful path through your backyard using mulch and stones (not more than $50 total at a home improvement store). You can hem in the mulch with brick and place lamps to add some extra flair, too.


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