Budgeting: Why should we write it down vs. running it through our head?

When it comes to budgeting, financial experts recommend finding a method that fits you and your lifestyle! Some prioritize savings, while others may need to focus on other expenses at that time in their financial journey. It is wise to choose a budgeting technique custom to what YOU need to spend/save your earnings efficiently!

Once you have chosen a budgeting method fit for your goals, write it down!

Keeping a physical copy of your money trail will help hold you accountable. This will help prevent those tempting, unnecessary purchases that you may have given into otherwise. By tracking your monthly finances, you will also be able to study your financial habits. Looking back on your history of spending and saving allows you to critique your method and change it however you feel will make it better!

After a few months, budgeting will become a habit, helpful to bettering your financial stability! Soon, you should notice an improvement in the consistency of your spending/savings. Good luck and happy budgeting!

Brylee Bergbower is a student at the University of Texas at Tyler studying Kinesiology who is taking on the world, learning about financial matters, and writing about it for Kelly Community. In her spare time Brylee juggles two part-time jobs, spends time with family and friends, stays fit, and studies!


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