Robyn Morrow

Early this year, Robyn Morrow was referred to Kelly Community by a friend. Her friend specifically recommended our team member, Jacob, to assist with her finances. In an interview, Robyn bragged about Jacob’s service skills and how eager he was to provide her with all the assistance she needed!

Before becoming a member with us, Robyn had an auto loan with another financial institution. This said loan required a co-signer and was with a subprime lender. Along with these restrictions, the loan also had a significantly high interest rate. Regulations on loans can immensely tarnish a person’s financial progress and make it a real challenge to succeed.

Coming to Kelly Community was a lifesaver for Robyn. Though loans are often financially challenging to sustain, they should not have to be! Kelly Community prioritizes each individual’s financial goals and success, making us a trustworthy source of financial advice and assistance. Kelly Community works with members to help everyone succeed by considering personal circumstances. 

By joining Kelly Community and switching her auto loan over to us, Robyn’s interest rate on her loan dropped 7%. This gave Robyn more monetary flexibility than she had before! Along with a lowered interest rate, Kelly Community also shortened the term on her loan. Condensing her auto loan’s time frame helped Robyn pay off her vehicle in a much more timely manner!

What Robyn enjoyed most about Kelly Community’s services was how seamless every process was. She liked that she was not ever required to step foot in the credit union physically. But, after receiving so much help virtually, Robyn chose to come in and meet Jacob, who had been promptly serving her well.

Because of Kelly Community’s referral incentive, Robyn received $25 upon becoming a member with us. Robyn enjoyed her experience with us so much that she even referred her mother to us for a loan! Upon this transaction, both Robyn and her mother received a $25 incentive payoff. Robyn’s mother handled every aspect of her loan electronically, never needing to step foot into a branch location!

Robyn’s story is another exceptional display of how Kelly Community prioritizes all members. By choosing us, you too can enjoy outstanding service and deals that will help you be one step ahead of the game!

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