Shelby Rogers

Shelby Rogers began using services at Kelly Community in September of 2022. Though she is new to the credit union, Shelby says she already feels like a part of the family!

Shelby heard about Kelly Community through her fiancé and her aunt, who both had wonderful experiences with us. These two speak so highly of the credit union that she decided it was time to give the credit union a try herself!

Since opening her account with Kelly Community, Shelby has taken out a personal loan and refinanced her car with us.

In addition to these two services, Shelby is also looking to improve her credit score and is confident Kelly Community will help her raise her credit score because of the recommendations she has had from others that are banking with us. Though improving your credit score is a long process that takes planning and effort, it can always be done with the right help!

According to Shelby, every interaction with the credit union’s staff members has been great stating that she has never had a bad experience! For financial advice helping you with taking out a loan, financing a vehicle, or improving your credit score, Kelly Community is here to help you make the best possible decisions for your financial future.

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